5th International Conference on Mobile, Secure and Programmable Networking (MSPN'2019)

Mohammedia, Morocco, April 23-24, 2019


Tuesday April 23th, 2019

08:30 — Registration

09:30 — Keynotes

Chair: Mohammed Khalil

Medium Access Control for Internet of Things
Antoine Gallais (INRIA Lille, France)

Software Defined Networks Cities & Sustainable Communities
Mohammed Achour (Cisco Inc., France)

11:00 — Coffee Break

11:30 — Session 1 (Multimedia & Information Processing)

Session chairs: Antoine Gallais and Noureddine Moumkine

Deep Generative Models for Image Generation: a Practical Comparison Between Variational Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks
Mohamed El-Kaddoury, Abdelhak Mahmoudi and Mohammed Majid Himmi

A Game Stochastic Model for Data Dissemination between Ferries and Cluster Head in Delay Tolerant Networks Routing Hierarchical Topology
El Arbi Abdellaoui Alaoui and Mustapha El Moudden

Delay-Bandwidth Optimization Method Based on Ant Colony Algorithm Applied to Transport Network Using SDN Paradigm
Mounir Azizi, Redouane Benaini and Ben Mamoun Mouad

CCN Context-Naming for Efficient Context-Aware Service Discovery in IoT
Mohamed Labbi and Mohammed Benabdellah

Efficient Distributed Authentication and Access Control System Management for Internet of Things using Blockchain
Hadjer Benhadj Djilali and Djamel Tandjaoui

13:00 — Lunch Break

14:30 — Open Ceremony

15:00 — Keynote

Session chair: Abdellah Adib

Frugal Paradigm paving the way towards Affordable Smart Cities & Sustainable Communitie
Awatif Hayar (Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco)

16:00 — Coffee Break

16:30 — Session 2 (5G Evolution and Implementation)

Session chairs: Habib Ayad and Abdellah Adib

Design of a New Patch Antenna Using EBG structures and Superstarte Operating in the Ku-Band for 5G Cellular Networks
Sanae Dellaoui, Adel Asselman, Saida Ahyoud, Kaabal Abdelmoumen and Loubna Rmili

A Data-Filtering Approach for Large-Scale Integrated RFID and Sensor Networks
Mourad Ouadou, Hajar Sahbani, Ouadoudi Zytoune and Mohamed Ouadou

High gain Metallic Electromagnetic Band Gap antenna for WLAN applications
Loubna Rmili

Toward Design of Advanced System-on-Chip Architecture for Mobile Computing Devices
Mohammed S. Bensaleh, Syed Manzoor Qasim and Abdulfattah M. Obeid

16:30 — Session 3 (Multimedia & Information Processing)

Session chairs: Awatif Hayar and Éric Renault

A multiresolution-based fusion strategy for improving speech emotion recognition efficiency
Sara Sekkate, Mohammed Khalil, Abdellah Adib and Sofia Ben Jebara

ECG Beat Classification based on Stationary Wavelet Transform
Lahcen El Bouny, Mohammed Khalil and Abdellah Adib

Cross-subject EEG classification with deep neural networks applied to Brain-Computer Interfaces
Mouad Riyad, Mohammed Khalil and Abdellah Adib

Data Communication in Electromagnetic Nano-networks for Healthcare Applications
Hanen Ferjani and Haifa Touati

A Distributed Ensemble of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Random Forest for Big Data Sentiment Analysis
Badr Ait Hammou, Ayoub Ait Lahcen and Salma Mouline

Wednesday April 24th, 2019

09:00 — Registration

09:30 — Keynote

Session chair: Cherkaoui Leghris

The Plug & Network paradigm: a new way of designing networks
Guy Pujolle (University of Paris 6, France)

11:00 — Coffee Break

11:30 — Session 4 (Wireless and Communication Networks)

Session chairs: Selma Boumerdassi and Noureddine Idboufker

Road Safety against Sybil Attacks based on RSU Collaboration in VANET Environment
Said Benkirane

A new alert message dissemination protocol for VANETs based on leach routing protocol and simulation in random waypoint model scenario
Hamid Barkouk, El Mokhtar En-Naimi, Aziz Mahboub and Mounir Arioua

Towards semantic integration of heterogeneous data based on the ontologies modeling
Cheikh Ould El Mabrouk

A comparison between MADM methods and utility functions in the network selection context
Mouad Mansouri and Cherkaoui Leghris

13:00 — Lunch Break

14:30 — Keynote

Session chair: Éric Renault

Swarm Computing : new opportunities at the edge of the network
Bruno Stevant (IMT Atlantique, France)

15:30 — Session 5 (Wireless and Communication Networks)

Session chairs: Feddoul Khoukhi and Bruno Stevant

A Robust Blind 3-D Mesh Watermarking Technique based on SCS Quantization and Mesh Saliency for Copyright Protection
Mohamed Hamidi, Aladine Chetouani, Mohamed El Haziti, Mohammed El Hassouni and Hocine Cherifi

A new mechanism to secure IPv6 networks using symmetric cryptographic
Ali Elksimi and Cherkaoui Leghris

Deep Neural Networks For Indoor Localization Using WiFi Fingerprints
Souad Belmannoubi and Haifa Touati

A New Secure Cellular Automata Cryptosystem for Embedded Devices
Youssef Sbaytri, Saiida Lazaar, Hafssa Benaboud and Said Bouchkaren

An ElGamal-like digital signature based on elliptic curves
Leila Zahhafi and Omar Khadir

17:00 — Closing Cocktail and Award Ceremony