5th International Conference on Mobile, Secure and Programmable Networking (MSPN'2019)

Mohammedia, Morocco, April 23-24, 2019

Invited speaker : Antoine Gallais


The Internet of Things consists in the interconnection of wireless mesh and multi hop networks made of various (wireless) devices. We here address medium access control (MAC) and routing in the IoT. We detail to what extent asynchronous mechanisms that rely on low-power listening (LPL) can allow to consider dynamic wireless networks (variable traffic, mobility, faults). We then focus on synchronized time-division based protocols which are suitable to some specific scenarios (a priori known traffic, static topologies), as recently investigated in the frame of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), with e.g., the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and the IETF 6tisch working group. Energy efficiency is one of the numerous ambitions that (I)IoT solutions are expected to reach, not to mention scalability, fault-tolerance and security. We will detail some self-configuration and self-adaptation features of those solutions that have to perform in an increasingly dynamic (I)IoT. Finally, we will discuss some available experimental testbeds and their potential to replace simulators as the cornerstone of our performance evaluation procedures.


Antoine Gallais is an Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg since 2008 (ICube laboratory). He holds a master (2004), a PhD degree (2007) in computer science from the University of Lille, and an HDR thesis (2017) from Univ. Strasbourg. Since sept. 2017, he is a visiting researcher at Inria Lille - Nord Europe. His research topics include wireless sensor and mobile ad hoc networking (e.g., MAC and routing layers), mobility management and performance evaluation. He is serving as TPC member for several events (e.g., IEEE GlobalSIP, IEEE GIIS, IEEE ICNC, IEEE Globecom), was program co-chair of ICST Adhocnets'14-15 and local co-chair of IEEE Wimob'13. He regularly serves as an external reviewer for several international journals an conferences and was an active member of several national and international research projects (ANR TLCOM SensLAB, ANR FIT Equipex, ANR INFRA IRIS, PHC EXPRESS).