(c) photo Michel Hasson

4th International Conference on Machine Learning for Networking (MLN'2021)

Virtual conference, December 1-3, 2021

Invited speaker: Franck Gaillard, Microsoft, France

Title: Add cognitive capabilities to apps with Azure Cognitive Services


Cognitive Services brings AI within reach of every developer and data scientist. With leading models, a variety of use cases can be unlocked. All it takes is an API call to embed the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate advanced decision-making into your apps. Enable developers and data scientists of all skill levels to easily add AI capabilities to their apps.


Trained as a statistician, Franck Gaillard has been passionate since the beginning of his career for the analysis of the data in all its forms, whether structured or unstructured. After having enriched various experiences among leading actors on this subject (SAS, SPSS, IBM), Franck joined the Microsoft partner team as Cloud Solution Architect specialized in Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence.