2nd International Workshop on Intent-Based Networking (WIN'2022)

In conjunction with IEEE Netsoft 2022
June 27, 2022 // Milan, Italy


Monday June 27, 2022

09:00 — Opening & Keynote

Chair: Sabine Randriamasy

How to make machines smart enough for autonomous operation
Jörg Niemöller (Ericsson, Sweden)

An autonomous operation system with serious zero-touch capabilities need to be intelligent enough to make the right decisions. It needs to understand the consequences and utility of its actions and adapt sensibly to new and unforeseen situations. A machine with these capabilities is challenging to design. In this presentation, Jörg will discuss the requirements for capable and trusted autonomous systems, technologies for implementing this level of intelligence and the important role of Intent and its modelling for the realization of this vision.

Jörg Niemöller is an analytics and customer experience expert in Solution Area OSS. He joined Ericsson in 1998 and spent several years at Ericsson Research, where he gained experience working with machine-reasoning technologies and developed an understanding of their business relevance for autonomous zero-touch operation. He is currently driving the introduction of these technologies into Ericsson’s portfolio of Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems solutions. Jörg is also the author of the suite of guidebooks and models for intents published by TM Forum.

Jörg Niemöller holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and a diploma degree in electrical engineering from the TU Dortmund University, Germany.

09:55 — Technical Session 1: IBN Formalization Efforts

Chair: Molka Gharbaoui

NLP4: An Architecture for Intent-Driven Data Plane Programmability
Antonino Angi, Alessio Sacco (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Flavio Esposito (Saint Louis University, USA), Guido Marchetto (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Alexander Clemm (Futurewei Technologies, USA)

Improving Intent Correctness with Automated Testing
Paul Alcock, Ben Simms, William Fantom, Charalampos Rotsos, Nicholas Race (Lancaster University, UK)

Mission-Critical Public Safety Networking: An Intent-Driven Service Orchestration Perspective
Kashif Mehmood, David Palma and Katina Kralevska (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

10:55 — Coffee break

11:15 — Technical Session 2: IBN Prototyping Initiatives

Chair: Éric Renault

From Category Theory to Functional Programming: A Formal Representation of Intent
Davide Borsatti, Walter Cerroni (University of Bologna, Italy), Stuart Clayman (University College London, UK)

Towards a Closed-Looped Automation for Service Assurance with the Diagnostic Agent
Korian Edeline, Thomas Carlisi, Justin Iurman (University of Liege, Belgium), Benoît Claise (Huawei, Belgium) and Benoit Donnet (University of Liege, Belgium)

Intent-based cognitive closed-loop management with built-in conflict handling
Ahmet Cihat Baktir (Ericsson, Turkey), Amadeu Nascimento Junior (Ericsson Research, Brazil), Andras Zahemszky (Ericsson Research, Sweden), Ankita Likhyani (Ericsson & IIIT Dehli, India), Dagnachew Azene Temesgen, Dinand Roeland (Ericsson, Sweden), Elham Dehghan Biyar (Istanbul Technical University & Ericsson, Turkey), Refik Fatih Ustok (Ericsson, Turkey), Marin Orlić and Mirko D'Angelo (Ericsson Research, Sweden)

12:15 — Panel on Hot Topics in Intent-Based Networking

Chair: Laurent Ciavaglia

Benoit Claise areas' of passion & expertise include Internet traffic monitoring, accounting, performance, fault, and configuration. These days, he is focussing on network automation with YANG as the data model-driven management protocols, and telemetry as a feedback loop to solve intent-based networking. Benoit's entire career has been and will be devoted to his strong believe and passion: a consistent and easy-to-use device instrumentation as the way to simplify network operations and automate the management of today's large networks. He is now solving the Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) challenges.

Luis M. Contreras earned an M.Sc. degree on Telecommunications from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1997), holds an M. Sc. on Telematics jointly from the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2010), and a Ph.D. on Telematics from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2021). Since August 2011 he is part of Telefónica I+D / Telefónica CTIO unit, working on 5G, SDN, virtualization, transport networks and their interaction with cloud and distributed services, as well as on interconnection topics, being active in several standardization for a (IETF, O-RAN, ETSI, etc). He is also part-time lecturer at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. Before the position in Telefónica he worked in Alcatel and Orange.

Jörg Niemöller (see bio above)

Sabine Randriamasy, PhD is a Senior Researcher, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, at Nokia Bell Labs. Her current research focuses on intent-based networking and network abstraction for vertical applications. She works on architectures for automated service request processing, algorithms for service deployment on 5G topologies, access-aware and layer-cooperative application traffic optimization. She also contributes to the IETF with RFCs in the ALTO WG and to the IRTF NMRG. Her work builds on her experience in IP/MPLS distributed, adaptive, multi-path routing, traffic engineering on IP and wireless networks. She previously worked on machine vision to analyze satellite and cartographic images for site monitoring and mobile network design, traffic modelling, using combinatorial optimization, multi-objective decision making and dynamic models. She publishes and serves as a TPC member in international conferences, contributed to collaborative research projects and holds active international patents.

12:55 — Summary and future directions

13:00 — End of the Workshop & Social Interactions